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I wrote this page many years ago in my old blog so I’d have a quick reference to using regular expressions in my Javascript and Perl projects – It became quite popular, and then I stopped publishing my blog a year or two ago… I’ve resurrected (and updated it) for this blog, including links to jsFiddle test pages written in Mootools, jQuery and Dojo… Read More »

I was experiencing some issues with IE9 and an HTML page – only when the browser was set to “Document Mode: IE9 standards” in the Developer Tools (F12) menu option.

I had the need to do some smart detection in Javascript. Using some documentation I found on Microsoft’s MSDN site, I wrote a small Javascript function to let me know when the browser I was using was IE9 in Standards Mode. Read More »

localStorage is the W3C Web Storage API specification that allows you to store data locally in key/value pairs, using Javascript. These are stored as strings in the client’s browser without using Cookies of any kind. It is supported in all modern HTML5 browsers.

This is not to be confused with the defunct W3C Web SQL Database API specification (Sqlite / SQL Lite), which is not (and most likely, will never be) supported in Firefox and Internet Explorer. The specification was dropped from active maintenance in November 2010 by the W3C working group.

Read More »

If you haven’t already discovered this Web Developer’s hidden gem, you’ve got to give it a try! I’ve always meant to start using it regularly, but I always get busy with projects…

JsFiddle allows you to take HTML, CSS and Javascript (and you can choose virtually ANY Javascript framework, including Mootools, jQuery and Dojo) and test it all within a simple HTML page. Not only does it support many frameworks, it supports multiple versions of each framework, which is important for testing new releases and older versions for compatibility reasons. Read More »

For those of you who have been using the Mootools 1.2 library, the time may soon come when you want/need to upgrade to 1.3. It’s not as hard as it sounds, but there are a few things you need to think about. Read More »

From the same blog that released the Mootools Cheat Sheet 1.2, Maik Vlcek (@FiveStevensonSq) has released the Mootools Cheat Sheet 1.3, which is a 2 page document showing both Core and More goodies. Read More »