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I can’t believe Google has reached version 13, when version 1 was released just a few years ago… I can remember reading about the first release while at the Las Vegas airport waiting for my flight back to Vancouver.  Read More »

The Dojo website releases Cheat Sheets with each release, and the most recent version they have is the Dojo 1.6 Cheat Sheet. It’s only available as an HTML file, which is strange since they had a PDF version for Dojo 1.3. As of this writing, the most recent build of Dojo is Dojo Release 1.6.1. Read More »

From the same blog that released the Mootools Cheat Sheet 1.2, Maik Vlcek (@FiveStevensonSq) has released the Mootools Cheat Sheet 1.3, which is a 2 page document showing both Core and More goodies. Read More »